VOSS Brand Values & Stategy

Voss‘s brand values rest upon three core principles:

  • Purity

  • Luxury

  • Design

Purity harkens back to Voss‘s pristine artesian source in Southern Norway producing
naturally pure water, free of sodium, low in minerals. Luxury is a result of Voss‘s
exclusivity stemming from the fact that Voss is served exclusively on the tables of the
finest restaurant and lounges in the rooms of the most luxurious hotels and beachside at the trendiest resorts around the world. It is important to point out that Voss‘s exclusivity is potentially compromised by the Red retail launch. The final value of Voss‘s three tier strategy is design. As mentioned earlier Voss‘s bottle was designed to be iconic embodying the brand.

VossWorld: At the forefront of the Company’s sales and marketing strategy is a new initiative to position Voss as a powerful and extendable ‘Iconic Global Brand and Lifestyle Platform’ appealing to a broad consumer base. The effort is to shift the brand’s legacy associations, such as its ‘exclusive’ and ‘luxury’ connotations, to positioning reflecting notions of ‘substance’, ‘approachability’, ‘purity’, and ‘social and environmental responsibility.’ These core components also align the brand with several important consumer trends, including ‘thoughtful consumption’ and ‘health and wellness’. As depicted in the chart below, all of these positioning elements are brought together with like-minded consumers in a virtual space termed VossWorld.

Retail Strategy: Mr. Belsito recognized the Voss brand’s significant growth potential in the retail channel and immediately reoriented the Company’s strategic plan to build the brand’s underdeveloped presence with consumers at retail. The Company optimized distribution relationships, refocused its product portfolio, and quickly began to experience double-digit growth in consumer take-away. This trend continued to accelerate as the retail initiative gained momentum, with velocity and POS sales increasing sequentially across the board. Key accounts such as Whole Foods and other grocery retail accounts registered particularly meaningful growth as the Company’s new VossWorld marketing platform came online and the retail sales team rolled out effective new promotional programs. Consumers’ clear affirmation of Voss’ potential in retail also fueled shelf space and distribution gains as the sales team communicated Voss’ attractive margin proposition to both existing and new retail accounts.

2010 U.S. Still Water Average Price/Volume 

VOSS Building Momentum in the Retail Channel 


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