VOSS Artesian Water review

VOSS Artesian Water is ‘pure water with an amazing distinctive taste’. It is a brand of ultra premium drinking water, well known around the world as the choice of the most distinguished establishments and event managers.

Drawn from a pristine aquifer, this Norwegian sparkling mineral water is naturally unfiltered and among the best in the world. Scoring high on the style quotient, excellent taste and sophisticated branding, VOSS is beyond refreshing; it is beautiful. High on Calcium, Magnesium* and other necessary salt content, VOSS contains the least amount of Total Dissolved Solids** as compared to its direct competitors, making it a far healthier option.

VOSS Artesian Water is available in glass and pet bottles in Still and Lightly Sparkling varieties.

*Calcium – 3.46mg, magnesium – 0.75mg

** TDS content

Pure Quality

  • VOSS artesian water from Norway is naturally pure water, free of sodium, low in minerals and incomparable in taste.
  • Bottled at an artesian source in the pristine wilderness of Southern Norway, Voss is shielded for centuries from pollutants under layers of ice and rock.
  • With a clean yet distinct taste and low mineral content, VOSS is recognized as one of the purest bottled waters available.
  • VOSS is the water of choice for many celebrities, chefs and health enthusiasts around the world.

Pure Design

  • The iconic VOSS bottle – sleek and cylindrical, classic and pure – was the vision of two young Norwegians. The bottle was designed by Neil Kraft, the former creative director for Calvin Klein.
  • The award-winning bottle is inspired by the purity of VOSS’ untouched source and the simplicity of classic Scandinavian design.
  • The simple, yet elegant bottle design complements any fine property setting.

Pure Vision

  • Distributed exclusively through high-end restaurants, hotels and select gourmet retail accounts, VOSS is among the world’s most celebrated water brands.
  • Positioned premium to other water brands, VOSS offers the highest quality water in superior packaging for the word’s most prestigious accounts.

Pure Hotels & Restaurants

  • VOSS water is designed not only to complement your property, but also to function as a key profit generator for your business.
  • With exclusive positioning in top hotels, VOSS commands a higher price point and generates greater profit.
  • Designed exclusively for luxury properties, VOSS water enhances the fine dining experience.
  • VOSS is the ideal pairing for fine food.
  • Iconic VOSS 800ml bottles are designed to help to increase bottled water sales.

Pure Environment

Voss is carbon neutral… we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint from the moment we source our artesian water to the moment you recycle the bottle.

  • The Voss Production Facility runs on 95% clean, renewable hydroelectricity.
  • Voss uses recycled and/or recyclable materials wherever possible.
  • Voss glass bottles are 100% recyclable.
  • Voss favors shipping partners with the greatest fuel efficiency.
  • Voss supports the Bottle Bill, promoting mandatory recycling of all beverage containers.
  • Voss favors suppliers with the smallest carbon footprint.

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