VOSS – Building Profitable Growth

Voss artesian water is available in Still and Sparkling in Glass bottles, and Still in high-grade PET bottles.

Scale and de-bottlenecking in production:

  • New glass line will improve capacity from current 3 mill to 12 mill cases a year, securing required capacity for future growth.
  • PET line installed 2006, increases the capacity to over 5 million cases a year for PET.

 International expansion of VOSS on-premise:

  • Significant pull from new markets, but production constraints in2006 forced the Company to prioritize existing accounts
  • Dedicated initiatives to significantly grow sales in Asia, Europe, Middle East and Australia from 2007
  • International markets provide improved gross margin compared to US on-premise

Expand Retail PET In key accounts in the US:

Based on initial learningsfrom Retail in 2006, continue expansion in 2007.

  • Focus initiatives in a few key markets with tailored strategies
  • First phase includes expansion to specialty gourmet & natural food channel (ie: Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Fresh Market)
  • Next phase includes selective expansion to supermarkets & C-stores

International expansion and significantly improved production/logistics infrastructureprovide a solid platform for profitable growth.

2011 Transaction Objective: Capital Raise Initiative
As performance continued to improve under Mr. Belsito’s leadership and the Company developed a comprehensive long term strategic vision, Management and the Board began to consider alternatives to help accelerate this new growth trajectory and reconfigure its capital structure. They concluded that partnering with a new investor to provide a capital infusion of approximately $16 million as well as value-added strategic resources would best position the Company to take advantage of its current momentum and create a new inflection point for the Voss brand. Specifically, the transaction objectives of Company and its stakeholders were:

  • Growth Equity: To provide capital to support the Company’s growth strategy in the retail and on-premise channels through investment in additional selling resources, marketing programs, working capital, and select capital expenditure needs; and,
  • Debt Redemption: To simplify and reconfigure the Company’s capitalization by retiring a portion of the convertible debt obligations that were incurred to assist the Company in managing through the challenging recessionary years of 2008 and 2009.

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