VOSS, just a luxury commodity?

Although Norway is a small country, the country’s pristine nature is surrounded by some of the best spring and artesian water sources on Earth “VOSS”. According to “VOSS”, “the water source for bottling comes from an aquifer in the pristine nature of Southern Norway, protected from pollutants by layers of rock and ice, producing pure water unlike any other.”

  • “It is great design that adds that extra dimension of worth or brand value and it is timeless design that survives the fickle nature of fast changing consumer tastes” according to the “Putting a Premium on Design” article. Since Voss is markets as a premium product, the design has to reflect the true essence of the brand. Therefore, Harlem and Sandberg, along with their creative teams in Norway, partnered with a New York City designer-Neil Kraft (a fashion and perfume expertise) to design the product image (“Elegance Yet Simple”).
  • The result is a chic cylinder of tall, crystal clear bottled water (“Elegance Yet Simple”).
  • Voss bottled water was designed not only to capture the purity of the water itself but to also give out a chic image that spoke out the “elegant yet simple” statement when drinking (“VOSS”).
  • After endless hours of business planning, Voss launched on April 2000 (“Elegant Yet Simple”).
  • It is now served in 35 different countries and 48 states in the U.S(“Elegance Yet Simple).
  • Research and experience had shown that not only does Voss enhance the room it’s being serve in, but also operates as a key profit for any business. For example, when in a business meeting Voss is said to enhance a business setting and act as the perfect conversation starter. This shows that you took the extra step to take care of your customers (“VOSS”).
  • Many celebrities, chefs and wine enthusiasts choose Voss as their water selection(“VOSS”). However, one customer begs to differ, according to the “Elegant Yet Simple article”, “Voss inspires such devotion that one woman reportedly buys it not for drinking purposes, but to wash her hair with it.”


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