Light fixtures made out of recycled Voss glass water bottles

San Francisco Green Festival & Good Hotel

San Francisco, California

Renew, Reuse, Recycle, Relax

The eco-friendly hotel décor features reclaimed and recycled construction materials in fun themes. With most materials used in the construction and design being recycled, re-used or repurposed in some creative and unnoticeable way, Good takes environmental awareness to an impressive level. Beds made from reclaimed waste woods and lighting fixtures constructed from VOSS water bottles just scratch the surface. The Good Hotel’s eco-chic attitude is absolutely contagious.

Graphic Content | Designer’s Insight by Steven Heller

“I was intrigued when Fiji introduced a rectangular water bottle, and Fred Natural Spring Water was packaged in what resembled a whiskey flask. I was seduced by Voss, which comes in a pristine cylindrical container akin to an ultramodern vase — and is priced two times higher than the average bottled water. At least when I finished the Voss, I had a vessel for my long-stemmed roses. Indeed, why shouldn’t water bottles be designed with panache (and multiple uses) for an upscale consumer’s tabletop? These are examples of conspicuous pretension, yet what’s the harm if someone’s willing to pay for it — and if the bottles look good in the bargain?

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